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Jurgi Moor is an abstract expressionism artist. 

Born in Vilnius in 1984. She is based in Devon. Her studio is on the edge of Exmoor, in a little town called Bampton.


Often painting not what she sees but what she feels would best describe her work.


Her intuitive artwork is very expressive and full of energy. With sweeping and gestural brushstrokes and very emotive jags of lines combined with textural mark making. 

Often working in groups with one after another paintings in quick succession and playing with composition.


Her inspiration comes from any interesting rugged aesthetics found in nature.

Rocks by the sea, tall grasses by lakes, rugged and windswept nature on Dartmoor and Exmoor.

She puts strong emphasis on mental health and the power of expressing emotions on paper.  

Artwork is available through Gallery and via direct enquiry. 

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