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                   Very warm welcome To Jurgi Moor's Online Art Gallery.


Here you will find all  Fine Art pieces available to purchase as well as catalogue of her sold art collections.

Jurgi paints in energetic and expressionate style, evoking moody and misterious abstract scenes. Her unrestricted and energetic brush strokes,mark making, jags of lines,drips, texture and movement as well as unlimited splashes of strong colour makes her art deeply interesting and expressionate.

Her passion for painting was discovered after experience using art as theraphy in her youth where she found painting to be source of expression of her emotions and a huge release of latter. She is firm believer of healing power of art and art to be great communicator.

Jurgi is currently located in England. She paints in her art studio In Devon. The studio is on the edge of Exmoor in gorgeous village called Bampton.

The inspiration for her art comes mostly from surrounding areas. Exmoor Moors as well as Dartmoor. The rugged land, windswept moors, moody landscapes is her Jam!

Everyday life, daily events and emotions inspire her work and often lead to most powerful pieces.